Terms of Service

Overview:  AdminSystems® is a business system created and distributed by Stepping UP! LLC, DBA AdminSystems.  This covers the relationship and details of this system between AdminSystems and any Subscriber User or Trial Period User (User).

Proprietary:  AdminSystems and all the materials and marketing associated with it, are considered the property of AdminSystems and are used only by permission of AdminSystems. Unauthorized use, duplication or dissemination of the materials is strictly prohibited.

Users:  Subscribers will only allow the specific users authorized by agreement to access the WebApp.

Other Apps/Programs:  AdminSystems may recommend specific apps and programs to use in conjunction with this system. Users are responsible for any necessary subscriptions and due diligence pertaining to these apps. AdminSystems is in no way guaranteeing these apps or programs.

Computer Security:  Users will keep their AdminSystems Passwords protected. A Password Vault with Multi-Factor Authentication is an excellent method.

Privacy:  AdminSystems will strive to keep your client information private and secure.

Billing:  All fees are payable in US funds on the first (1st) of each month.  A $25.00 late fee will be charged for any payments not received by the fourteenth (14th) of the month.

Disclaimer:  AdminSystems, DBA under Stepping UP! LLC, is an independent company and not affiliated with any real estate agency or broker, even though the proprietor may be an agent under a real estate brokerage.  Stepping UP!/AdminSystems is not regulated by the Arizona Department of Real Estate, or any other state real estate departments, as it does not sell real estate.  User understands that this system may need to be adapted to comply with their local Department of Real Estate or similar agency and that will be the sole responsibility of the User.

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AdminSystems is all about YOU! It's a cloud-based Transaction Management System designed by Realtors for Realtors so we can focus on what makes us money – selling houses!  The necessary tasks of everyday transaction management ... Read More »